Steel structure and lighting are the best stage for the 100 - year - old river bridge network red br

Steel structure and lighting are the best stage for the 100 - year - old river bridge network red br

It is old, indeed, for it has spanned the songhua river for more than a hundred years. It's young, also indeed, and it's only been three months since it became web celebrity. On summer nights, with the river gushing and the wind blowing, many young people walk on the Middle East railway bridge and perform on the stage of beautiful steel structure and light.

Some people took a stunning online sensation photo on the bridge and sent it to a circle of friends, which aroused the praise of friends. Some people stand on the bridge to broadcast live video, let the national fans enjoy the century-old Jiangqiao. There are also people on the stage under the bridge, let Jiangqiao record "the charming summer of Harbin." In this way, the Middle East Railway Bridge was on the Internet, and she was given a new name by the small partners of Harbin and fans across the country - Online sensation Bridge.

The strangers specially came to the ice city to take the stage live broadcast Online sensation Bridge.

On the 21st, on a clear night after the rain, the reporter went to the Middle East Railway Bridge. Despite a hundred years, the important bridge from across the Songhua River has become a leisurely Middle East Railway Park. Under the illumination of the warm yellow light, the Middle East Railway Bridge still exudes dazzling brilliance, especially under the backdrop of the river, it looks even more magnificent, as if the entire Songhua River is a stage for it.

On the open space under the railway bridge, a girl’s hearty voice came. On the small stage, the girl “Sister Zi” from Shenyang is broadcasting live with her partner in “Quick Hands”, and more than 20 people have surrounded this small stage. “Sister Zi” told reporters that Harbin is cool in summer and there are many tourists. The Songhua River is still bustling, and he always wanted to do live broadcasts. Some time ago, I saw someone taking a video of the railway bridge. They all said that the bridge is a red bridge. It feels so beautiful, and just followed the partner to live on the river in Harbin. “A lot of people say that Harbin is beautiful, especially the bridge behind him. It’s so beautiful!”

The reporter saw on the "quick hand" that the video of "Sister Zi" dancing and singing on the railway bridge had hundreds of thousands of plays, and the highest broadcast volume exceeded 1 million times.

Like the bridge in the game, netizens are coming to "eat chicken"

The Middle East Railway Bridge is 1015.15 meters long. It is the first Songhua River Bridge in the Middle East Railway. It was later renamed the Harbin Songhua River Bridge on the Binzhou Line. However, Harbin people are still used to calling it the Middle East Railway Bridge or the Old River Bridge. It is the earliest railway bridge on the Songhua River and the first cross-river bridge in Harbin. Measurement and design began in 1898. It was officially started on May 16, 1900. In 2016, it was converted into a sightseeing bridge for the Middle East Railway Park for citizens and tourists to visit and relax.

After being converted into a park, a glass pavement was laid on the railroad track, which became a landscape of Harbin. It also became a must-see for Harbin citizens and tourists when visiting the Songhua River. With the popularity of the mobile game PUBG, "all people eat chicken" has become a slogan. In the “Island” map, there are two bridges connecting islands and land, which are steel frame structures, and are similar to the Middle East railway bridges. So, walking on the railway bridge in the Middle East, there are often young people holding mobile phones to send invitations to netizens across the country. "Come in Harbin, I am on the bridge, blocking the bridge."

At 22:00, many people have already entered a dream, but the Middle East Railway Bridge, a rejuvenated net red bridge, is still coming and going. People take their mobile phones and record their fate with the bridge in reality and the Internet. They also record the city of Harbin, which has a good memory...
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