Stunning! It turns out that the new airport in Beijing is like this

Stunning! It turns out that the new airport in Beijing is like this

Under the high-speed rail subway city rail, up and down domestic and international aircraft, the terminal can put the bird's nest down... The world's largest airport is long?

The golden ceiling and the strange "starfish" shape, the upcoming "alien base" stands 46 kilometers south of Beijing. It was named one of the "Seven Wonders of the New World" by the British media and ranked first. A super project is coming out, it is the new airport in Beijing.

The Beijing New Airport consists of a passenger terminal building, a transfer center, a comprehensive service building and a parking building. The total land area of the terminal area is about 27.9 hectares, and the total building area is 1.03 million square meters, exceeding the T3 terminal of the Capital International Airport!

Looking far away from the overall shape, the core of the main terminal of the new airport is divided into five centers that are scattered around the center and form a “Phoenix” shape. The Beijing urban construction staff responsible for the construction of the main section of the terminal building said that the styling idea was taken from the “Shan Hai Jing”: Phoenix, seeing the world’s tranquility, meaning “Phoenix wings” and forming a “long and phoenix” pair with the Capital Airport. Hub layout.

As the world's largest and most technically challenging single airport terminal building, the roof light area is 700,000 square meters. What concept? Equivalent to 25 football fields. Some people say that this is the largest roof in the world. Amazingly, such a huge roof is assembled by 63,450 poles and 12,300 ball joints. The roof steel structure totals more than 40,000 tons, but only 8 C-shaped columns are used for support.

From the outside, the roof of the terminal consists of a central skylight and six strip-shaped skylights, plus eight bubble windows and a central lighting belt, which can fully absorb the natural light to illuminate the internal environment. A total of 12,800 pieces of glass were used throughout the terminal, of which more than 8,000 were used on the roof, each of which was different and had different angles.

Whether it is a five-finger corridor configuration or a double-decker double-decker design, it is the world's first. Next, how to design the floor in the new airport, both aesthetic and practical, depends on the construction side.

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