Sysco Productions deliver immersive audiovisual solutions for Brook-lands Museum

Sysco Productions deliver immersive audiovisual solutions for Brook-lands Museum

World class experience delivery company, Sysco Productions, has delivered layers of audiovisual solutions as part of the £8 million Brook-lands Aircraft Factory and Racetrack Revival Project at Brook-lands Museum, Surrey.

Contracted by Focus Consultants and working closely with Elm-wood Projects, Sysco have seamlessly integrated the technology among the aircraft, artifacts and exhibits. Interactive media for the Museum was creatively designed Ay-Pe.

Brook-lands Museum describes the historic racetrack and aircraft factory in its care as “the birthplace of British motor-sport and aviation and the home of Concorde”.  The site was known for pioneering design, engineering and manufacture which transformed the way in which aircraft and vehicles were built, flown and raced.

The revival project has created three new story spaces including a renovated aircraft Hangar, a newly-built Flight Shed and an original Finishing Straight, showcasing aircraft evolution from wood and fabric, to the supersonic flight and future technologies.

The World War II Bellman Aircraft Hangar has been relocated and transformed into the ‘Aircraft Factory’ where smells, sounds, activity and movement mimic an authentic factory environment. Video projected directly onto the bare corrugated walls serve as striking visual backdrop. Ceiling mounted speakers deliver an 8 channel atmospheric audio sound scape from the mid 20th Century. Multichannel audio stations deliver exhibition content.

The Mezzanine Level, which is home to Loch Ness Wellington, includes 42” touchscreen inter-actives to enable visitor engagement with the technical detail, mechanical functions and engineering innovations of the exhibits. Visitors can learn about and apply the principles of aerodynamics to design and test a variety of aircraft.
Sysco Productions deliver immersive audiovisual solutions for Brook-lands Museum

In the Flight Shed, multichannel audio stations play pilot tales and encounters. There is also an morose code audio interactive.

Valerie Mills, Commercial Manager at Brook-lands Museum, said, “It was always our aim to produce an immersive factory experience that would both tell the stories of the aircraft factories at Brook-lands and inspire young people in STEM subjects. The audiovisual elements, in particular the large projections and sound scape, help to bring the space in the restored Hangar to life, with the easy-to-use touchscreens on the mezzanine level enabling visitors to design their own civil or military aircraft.”
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