Technical information

Technical information

Technical information

The space frame elements are analyzed according to the Matrix- Displacement Method. In the course of this analysis, the loads are exercised to the nodes only. The bars are calculated to respond to only axial tension or pressure. As long as the contrary is not clearly stated or requested by the client, loads which might create a momentum or are perpendicular to the bars, are not allowed to be applied to the bar. Should there exist such a load, then it should be mentioned at the design phase and should be incorporated in the contract.

The static calculations are made based on the loads available among the loads mentioned below and the loads declared by the client and specified in the contract. Apart from these, there are some loads which are obligatory and are used in all technical specifications. Consequently, the loads can be classified as :

A Obligatory loads, which have to be in every specification and which are used in all calculations :

  • Self load of the space frame
  • Self load of the purlins
  • Self load of the cladding ( the cladding type must be informed in writing by the client)
  • Sow load ( different according to the region)
  • Wind load
  • Temperature differences ( heat impact )
  • Earthquake factor ( load)

B Functional loads, which are determined according to the function of the system and which have to be stated by the Client.

  • Live load ( mobile load)
  • Service load :
    • Lighting
    • Installations, air conditioning
    • Suspended ceiling
    • Catwalk
    • Special Loads with spot impact ( such as basketball backboards, etc. )
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