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The characteristics of the space frame structure


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The space frame structure has the following characteristics: lightweight, low cost, reasonable force, its form is very novel and lively, and the space structure can make full use of various material properties to meet the needs of different building shapes. frame steel structure

As for the characteristics of the space frame structure, its biggest advantage is that it can meet the structural needs and architectural design in super-large space-span buildings, and its cost is far lower than other structural types of buildings under the same space-span conditions. The advantages of the span-type roof structure are particularly prominent. In this case, it is more reasonable and economical to use a steel roof truss or a portal rigid frame without using a mesh frame.

The biggest advantage is that there is mutual support between the members of the space frame structure, the overall performance is good, the rigidity is strong, the seismic capacity is strong, and it can withstand the influence of uneven settlement of the foundation. Even if individual rods are damaged, it can automatically adjust the internal force of each rod to ensure the safety of the structure.

Since the space frame structure is not only suitable for buildings with medium and small spans, but also for buildings with large spans, its adaptability is very large, and from the perspective of the plane building form system, it can also be suitable for various plane form states. buildings, such as circular, fan-shaped, rectangular, and polygonal state-of-the-art flat building systems.

In addition, since the specifications of the rods of the space frame structure are uniform, it is suitable for factory processing. In order to speed up the progress of the project, the most commonly used calculation programs can be used to carry out an in-depth analysis of the space frame structure. Its drawing is very simple, coupled with its own advantages and characteristics, which is very fast for the space frame structure. Progress offers a very favorable path.

In addition, because the work and force transmission in the space is very simple; the space frame is light in weight, good in seismic performance, and high in stiffness; the installation and construction are very simple; the space frame nodes and rods are easy to commercialize and shape, and can be processed in factories Mass production is very beneficial to the improvement of production efficiency; in addition, the roof is flat and the layout of the space frame structure is very flexible, which is very beneficial to the installation of equipment, pipes, and ceilings; the space frame structure is beautiful in appearance, Lightweight and generous, it is very convenient in the decoration and processing of buildings.