The dome coal storage solution

The dome coal storage solution

Storage structures help make the storage of coal, petcoke, biomass, compost and recyclable products a reality.

If a Fossil Power Station need a fuel storage solution, they wanted to store fuel material under cover. The challenge was to design silos that could resist corrosive saltwater spray and typhoon winds. The solution determined that four long span concrete silos with metal dome covers would be required.
The long span solution consisted of four more than one hundred meters diameter concrete silos with internal automated stacker/ reclaimer system. Each unit would store tens of thousands t of coal in a live pile.
The dome coal storage were assembled using the "perimeter-in" method of construction: the first nodes and tubes were laid on the supporting concrete wall. Each 3 to 5 tubes were joined to one node forming a "spider." Each spider was then raised to the work front and tapped into place, creating rings around the base that grew one on top of the other until the whole skeleton was formed. Coordination with other trades was easy, as the area under the dome was free of obstacles. Neither scaffolding nor other special equipment were required, and the project was completed with a perfect safety record.
The dome coal storage solution
The dome coal storage can be manufactured from steel or aluminum,Steel is less expensive, but aluminum is better for locations where there is high corrosivity, such as near oceans.Aluminum helps minimize the opportunity for coal dust to settle on parts of the structures, which reduces the combustible atmosphere and potential for explosions and fires related to coal and coal dust. The barrier-free interiors of both dome coal storages has minimal surfaces for dust to accumulate, and its ventilation system reduces the chance for methane build up. Ventilation should be provided at the apex to take advantage of the chimney effect. The structure should also be vented at the perimeter to reduce damage to the structure due to blast overpressures.

Existing power plants around the world store fuel in open-air stockpiles. As communities become more environmentally conscious, they are demanding that these stockpiles be covered. Up to now, such covers were beyond the practical reach of most structural systems. But not anymore.

Often parallel coal stockpiles share stacking or reclaiming equipment, making it impossible to add supports at the middle of the stockyard. our company can design domes that cover a near-rectangular plan area very efficiently, and achieve spans of well over 100m.
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