The fastest installation of the steel structure of Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition

The fastest installation of the steel structure of Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition

Recently, the three exhibition halls of A11, C11 and C12 of the Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center (Phase I), which was built by the China Construction Third Bureau and the Second Industrial Company, were all capped and began to lay the metal roof. Among them, the C11 exhibition hall has a particularly good record in all the exhibition halls. It has completed the installation of 10,000 tons of steel structures in 35 days, becoming the fastest single exhibition hall for the steel structure installation in all exhibition halls of the project.

More than 20 machines and more than 200 workers, the industrial company completed the installation of 20,000 square meters and 10,000 tons of steel structure in C11 showroom in only 35 days. In the face of tight schedules, how does the project team ensure the quality of the installation?

In order to ensure the quality of performance, the industrial company arranged 5 quality experts and more than 80 senior welders to participate in the welding and supervision of steel structure. Although it has experienced the baptism of the rainy season in July and August in Shenzhen, it has been tested for 5 months and a 17-level wind king "Mangosteen" invasion, the project team has always been in strict accordance with the requirements of the owners, committed to the fine work of steel structure, each weld has passed three quality inspections to be qualified. 574 steel columns, 3120 steel beams, 9-inch truss with a span of 99 meters, and 27,336 square meters of profiled steel plates... Under the efforts of the team, the steel structure installation and welding work of the C11 exhibition hall successfully reached the established construction node, and at the same time Ensure that the quality pass rate is 99%, which is consistently praised by the owners and supervisors.


It is reported that Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center is located in the north of Shenzhen Baoan Airport and south of Konggang New City. With a total construction area of 1.58 million square meters, it is a comprehensive exhibition building group integrating exhibition, conference, tourism, shopping and service. Bureau II Industrial Company has built one of the 50,000-square-meter exhibition halls, two multi-functional exhibition halls of 20,000 square meters, a steel structure project in the registration hall and the middle corridor. After the project is completed, it will become the world's first convention exhibition center. It is of great significance to promote Shenzhen to build a modern, international and innovative first-class city and to build a Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macao and Dawan District.

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