The first CIMC modular housing in the United States opened

The first CIMC modular housing in the United States opened

Recently, the graduate dormitory of the University of California, Berkeley, which was designed and built by CIMC Modular Construction Investment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “CIMC Modular”), was officially put into use, and the students have already stayed. This is the first project undertaken by CIMC Modular in the United States and the first steel structure modular housing project built by Chinese companies in the United States.


Interior view of apartment room that has been put into use
"The quality of CIMC" meets the most stringent building standards in the United States

The University of California, Berkeley Graduate Dormitory Program is located in Berkeley's Shadak Street, Bay Area, California, close to Berkeley City Center, with excellent transportation and living facilities. The project is a 4-story box-type steel structure modular building, the ground floor 1 floor residential building is a disabled room, and the 2-4 floor residential building is a standard room. The entire apartment dormitories consist of 22 well-decorated rooms, all of which must be designed and assembled in accordance with California's building standards.

“California has always adopted very strict green building standards and strictly controlled the emission of harmful substances. Therefore, the entire construction process of the project is strictly adopting environmentally friendly and green materials.” According to the relevant person in charge of CIMC Modification, in addition, California is in the midst of frequent earthquakes in the United States. The building has caused greater damage, so the earthquake-proof requirements of this apartment are higher, and the seismic fortification intensity reaches the E-class (equivalent to the domestic seismic fortification intensity level 8).

All modules are delivered to the port of Oakland, USA

Complete assembly of all modules in 1 week

In May 2018, CIMC Modular delivered all modules to the Port of Oakland, USA, and then landed to the site, and completed the assembly of all modules within one week. At the end of August 2018, the apartment project was completed. The project was successfully completed in mid-September 2018 and officially opened on September 30.

"As we all know, California's building standards are the most stringent of all building standards in the United States. From design, material selection, production, transportation, to on-site installation and delivery, the entire process can withstand the most rigorous tests." According to the relevant person in charge of modularization, “the smooth acceptance of the project means that our products are recognized by US customers and are of great significance for further expansion of the US market in the future.”

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