The largest stadium in Huaxi University City began to install steel space frame structure

The largest stadium in Huaxi University City began to install steel space frame structure

Recently, the construction site of the Guizhou Normal University Stadium project in Huaxi University City, Gui'an New District, workers are carrying out the lifting operation of the steel structure grid.
“The steel frame of a steel structure consists of 180 steel structural members with a maximum weight of 22 tons. It needs to be equipped with an 80-ton truck crane. The auxiliary 250-ton crane can be used for overall lifting and welding. It is expected that the steel structure grid in the stadium at the end of March. The hoisting was completed.” Xie Xingwu, the project-related person in charge and the project implementation manager of the China Construction Fourth Bureau, said that after the completion of the steel structure grid, the project will carry out external decoration work.

It is understood that the stadium has 4 floors, a total construction area of 25,736 square meters, and 21,300 stands. It is the largest stadium in Huaxi University City in Gui'an New District. The first floor of the stadium is the functional room, training venue, teaching and research room and various equipment rooms for the media, VIPs, athletes, etc. The second floor is the golf training venue, the bathroom and equipment room, and the third floor is the bathroom and equipment room. The fourth floor is set as a part of the equipment room. The project started construction in January 2015 and is expected to be completed by the end of June this year.
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