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The world's second largest span dry coal shed completed

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China Energy Construction Group Anhui Electric Power Construction Co., Ltd. built the world's second largest span dry coal shed with the EPC model, the Jiaozuo Danhe Power Plant, and the expansion of two 1 million kilowatts of dry coal sheds in the air. 
The dry coal shed project is a large-scale warehouse for storing coal in thermal power plants. It requires large span and high clearance to meet storage and working space. The main structure of the closed coal shed of the million kilowatt unit project of Jiaozuo Danhe Power Plant adopts the "new space structure" system of prestressed pipe truss + cable structure. With a longitudinal length of 230 meters and a span of 219 meters, the total height of the truss is 51.3 meters, making it the second largest span dry coal shed in the world. The projected area of the building is more than 50,000 square meters, and the total lifting capacity of the steel structure is 4730 tons.
In the engineering design stage, Anhui Electric Power Construction Co., Ltd. took advantage of the state-level enterprise technology center and post-doctoral scientific research workstations, and in-depth discussions with experts such as Harbin Institute of Technology, using the "ground segment assembly" and "high-altitude docking" approach to close installation. The prestressed steel cable technology is used to greatly reduce the horizontal thrust of the steel structure's own weight to the foundation.

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