Three forms of membrane structure and application range

Three forms of membrane structure and application range

Membrane structure as a new type of structure has been increasingly applied to various types of engineering buildings, which is widely in shape and use, and  can be divided into three types Types: skeleton type, tension type, inflatable type.
Skeleton membrane structure
The skeleton membrane structure is to build the overall skeleton with steel structure or other materials first, and then lay the membrane material on the surface of the skeleton to complete the overall building structure. This type membrane structure is generally used to build permanent buildings for its high stability.

tension membrane structure
The tensioned membrane structure is also commonly referred to as a tensioned cable membrane structure.Its structural system mainly includes: a support mast, a tensioned cable, a tensioned membrane surface, and an edge cable. Its characteristics are strong plasticity and creative realization. High, sculpture sense, beautiful appearance. But it requires very high construction accuracy, so the overall cost is higher than the skeleton membrane structure.

Inflatable membrane structure
It is a closed structure formed by the shell made of architectural membrane material, and its structural form can be divided into two types of air bearing type and inflatable type. The air bearing type membrane structure is continuously inflated into the building space through a sophisticated pressure control system. It relays on pressure difference to create tension on the surface of the membrane to maintain a certain pressure difference between indoor and outdoor. The inflatable membrane structure is inflated to multiple membrane members, and it is maintained within a sufficient period of time. Pressure, multiple film members can work together to form a certain shape, and this form has a very high requirement for the airtightness of the film itself. The structure of the inflatable membrane is basically not affected by the terrain and the span. It can be built very quickly, and it has good mobility and reusability. The disadvantage is that it requires 24 hours of uninterrupted air supply from the inflatable equipment, so The cost will be higher in maintenance.
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