Tianshui City Sports Center strives to complete this May

Tianshui City Sports Center strives to complete this May

The state of sports development in a city is the most direct indicator of the overall level of urban development. A stadium with a large scale can reflect the harmony and development of the city.

After more than three years of intense construction, the Tianshui Sports Center project, which has received much attention, has completed an investment of 724 million yuan. The construction of “one museum, one school and one center” has been basically completed, and the construction of greening and paving has been fully carried out. . Strive to complete the completion of the end of May this year.

The gymnasium and swimming pool are located on the south side of the sports center. The east and west are adjacent to each other. The planes of the two pavilions are irregularly shaped. The basic form is the pile-raft joint foundation, the frame structure, the roof is spherical, and the steel grid structure is adopted. The long axis of the swimming pool is 102.9×89.4 meters, and the construction area is 17688.8 square meters. The total cost is about 120 million yuan and the building height is 27.3 meters. The ground floor is a equipment room, and the middle floor is a competition pool and training pool. The surrounding area is for athletes, competition management, news media, VIPs, internal office, etc. The second floor is the audience hall, its concierge, lounge, etc. The seat was 1556 seats. The short axis of the stadium is 116×95 meters, and the construction area is 25,342 square meters. The total cost is about 140 million yuan and the building height is 30.9 meters. There are 4,392 seats in total, including training halls, competition halls, underground garages and related office equipment.

Located between the stadium, the gymnasium and the swimming pool, the large platform is the link between the three buildings, with a separate foundation under the column and a frame structure. At present, the stadium foundation project on the north side of the sports center has ended and the seats are in place. The swimming pool and gymnasium are undergoing internal renovations, and off-site football fields and road paving works are under construction.

After the project is completed, it will further improve the basic service functions of Tianshui City, enhance the city's taste, meet the fitness needs of the masses of the city and improve the ability to host international and domestic events.

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