Two Bridges In Guizhou Win Top Prize

Two Bridges In Guizhou Win Top Prize

Regarded as the Oscars of Chinese architecture, the Luban Prize represents the highest standard of China's current construction quality. Reviewing once a year and awarding every two years, the prize is given for housing projects, projects of industry, transportation and hydraulic engineering, public construction projects and municipal garden projects. The prize is an important symbol of excellence and advances enterprise brands.
The Beipanjiang Bridge, constructed by Guizhou Road & Bridge Group Co. Ltd, stretches high above the Beipanjiang Grand Valley on the boundary of Southwest China's Guizhou and Yunnan provinces. With a total length of 1,261 meters, it is the longest slant legged steel work bridge in Asia.
The Balinghe Bridge, built by Guizhou Bridge Construction Group Co. Ltd, is a truss steel structure connecting Zhenning and Shengjingguan in Guizhou province. The bridge is the world's first of significant length in mountainous regions. It is the second time the company has won the Luban prize; the first was for building the Xinguang Bridge in Guangzhou in 2007.
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