What You Need To Know About Steel Frame Construction

What You Need To Know About Steel Frame Construction

Steel has become an integral component in the construction of most buildings. That is why steel frame construction has had an increasing market share within the civil construction and engineering sector. But is steel the only ideal material or are there any better alternatives? 

Understanding Steel Frame Construction 
Some of the notable structures that were prominently build using steel frames included warehouses, garages, and massive agricultural buildings. However, the traditional uses of steel frame construction have transcended to other applications such as building commercial skyscrapers, factories, as well as residential dwellings. The material is an excellent option for different construction projects for several reasons that include: It is durable thus the building will have a long-term structural integrity It is affordable, making it a readily available construction material. It is sustainable, therefore, minimal construction cots. One of the amazing pros of using steel in construction is that the structural components can be fabricated off-site and transported to where they are needed. It will lower the required labor while also minimizing the impact of factors, such as adverse weather conditions, that may delay the completion of the project.

Advantages Of Steel Frame Construction:
Strength & Durability 
The steel components are lighter and sturdier compared to the weight-bearing concrete and wooden products. For instance, the standard weight-bearing wooden fabrication is nearly 30%-50% heavier than the steel equivalent. As such, steel will make for a stronger and highly durable component.
Easy Fabrication.
In Different Sizes Read more  Steel Braces Make More Resilient Structures Against Earthquakes The fabricated products can be made in an array of designs and sizes to suit different applications. That means that customization is possible so the components can bear a specified load.
Fire Resistance.
Steel can be engineered to have an exceptional heat-resistances; thus, the steel frame construction products can help retard the spread of fires as well as reduce the risk of such a crisis. The material can also have an added special flame-retardant that enhances its resistance to fire. Pest & Insect Resistant With the steel frame, you will not have to worry about destructive invaders such as burrowing insects and animals as is the case with most timber structures.  
Moisture & Weather Resistance.
The material can be engineered to have outstanding moisture resistance depending on its carbon content. Moreover, they can be treated extra powder and hot zinc coating to enhance the resistance to corrosion and face the effects of moisture and water, especially for the steel components of the structure that will be exposed to the weather.

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