Why choose 3D Space Frame Structures?

Why choose 3D Space Frame Structures?

Structural efficiency, rigidity, reduced deflections, integration of services, resilience, ease & speed of manufacturing and installation are some of the biggest advantage of 3D Space Frame Structures.

– Due to the 3D nature of space frame system long and clear spans up to 180 m can be easily achieved in lightweight steel construction, whereas this is extremely difficult in conventional structures, if done with difficulty they will be heavier by two or three fold compared to space frames.

– Since space frames are factory produced as light weight components maximum 3.5 m length, they can be hot dip galvanized in molten zinc bath and over the galvanized surface they are further protected by either by powder coat or liquid spray paint to protect the entire structure from corrosion especially when serviced in extremely corrosive environment ( ie Corrosion Class 4 (Near Sea, Chemical Industries etc.), this coating system can warrant for a period of 20 years for first maintenance of the coating work on structure.

– Conventional trusses, steel sections used are longer compared to space frame components so hot dip galvanizing and powder coating on these items are often not practical hence their corrosion resistance is weak demands regular maintenance and may lead to premature failures.

– The open nature of the structure between the two plane grids allows easy installation of mechanical and electrical services and air-conditioning ducts, sprinkler system, fire-fighting services etc. within the structural depth of the modular construction.

– Their fixing is simplified as there is a regular grid of supports available thus reducing or even eliminating the need for secondary steelwork to support them.
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