Zinc-Coated Reinforcing Steel

Zinc-Coated Reinforcing Steel

Improving Performance of Concrete Structures

Corrosion of steel reinforced concrete affects everyone, leading to expensive repairs and intensive maintenance programs. Budgeting of repairs and maintenance programs becomes difficult when structures do not meet their intended life cycle requirements. Corrosion of reinforcing steel in concrete structures leads to concrete failure, impacting the public with delays and detours. The Federal Highway Administration's National Bridge Inventory records reflect that less than 16% of existing U.S. bridge decks utilize corrosion resistant reinforcing steel. Beyond bridge decks and highway infrastructure, corrosion protection of concrete reinforcement is an even smaller percentage. Preservation of assets by using zinc-coated reinforcing steel can be a cost-effective solution to improving the life cycle and durability of concrete structures.
Zinc-Coated Reinforcing Steel

Maintenance programs often include Cathodic Protection by attaching zinc anodes to steel reinforcement to delay further damage of existing corrosion. This has proven to be an effective means of preventative maintenance in different types of structures. Results can be achieved over the lifetime of the structure without the cost of expensive rehabilitation by using zinc-coated reinforcement from the beginning. With recorded installations prior to the 1960s, hot-dip galvanized reinforcement in concrete is a proven performer. Multiple case studies indicate that these mitigation techniques result in structures lasting decades.
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