LF Shape

LF Shape

LF is a professional manufacturer and engineering company for space frame and steel structure project with full capability of RESEARCH, DESIGN, FABRICATION, CONSTRUCTION OR SUPERVISION SERVICE FOR OVERSEA PROJECT. The company has equipped with advanced software and system, and it has many experienced designers and technical engineers. Also the company has already established strategic cooperation relationship with many universities, construction design institutes, etc., which enable it to have high capability of designing and consulting in the professional field.

LF can supply professional services such as DESIGNING, FABRICATION, INSTALLATION, TECHNICAL SERVICE for steel space frame, metal roof, steel structure, etc. The company has been in this field and served foreign and domestic clients for 15 years. Until the end of 2011, the company has completed 1583 projects both home and abroad. The clients are mainly from fields of oil, thermal power, municipal, civil, education, machinery industry and other industries.

LF is good at large span space frame projects, such as coal storage, cement warehouse in barrel or dome shape etc. Comparing to traditional H type steel structure, space frame with large span has more advantages such as more stability, beautiful appearance, saving cost etc.

After signing the contract with clients, the company will cooperate with clients to give better economical advice and proper technical suggestion. The company focuses on supplying high quality materials and professional technical service to satisfy clients.

LF Business scopes: designing, fabrication, installation of coal storage and related equipments for power plant, cement warehouse, stadium, exhibition hall, railway station roofing system, gas station roof cover, large span of workshop etc.

LF has already set up two branch companies for international business and overseas project construction, one is Jiangsu Shien International Trading Co.,Ltd and the other is Lead Frame Engineering Co., Ltd.

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