The gymnasium is a building for indoor sports game and exercise. The roof is usually closed. The weight of structure is light but rigid, but the structure can cover a long span area, so it is very suitable to use as a stadium structure. The cladding of steel space frame is simple and light. Usually the material is sandwich panel or Al-Mg-Mn sheet. The space frame is treated with special finish of anti-corrosion and fireproof, it is almost not necessary to maintain in use life, which is very cost-efficient.

We can design, build and provide suitable solution according to your requirements to ensure the structural safety. We will adhere to "perfect engineering design, meticulous manufacturing, excellent construction, perfect after-sales service" to meet the customers' requirements and provide the best service to all customers.
  • PHILIPPINES  OVAL BLEACHERS STEEL TRUSS  PROJECTPHILIPPINES OVAL BLEACHERS STEEL TRUSS PROJECTNovember 24, 2017This project is pipe truss oval bleachers in Semirara, the Philippines with area 2042㎡,width 16.9m, length 104m. This truss structure includes 21 primary trusses. Secondary truss, steel tie bar, column bracing, horizontal bracing are used to connect theview
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