Swimming Pool Roof

Swimming Pool Roof

Swimming pool is used for swimming, diving, water polo and other water sports. Swimming pool space frame project is also one of the most popular building structure now. Steel structure has good insulation performance to keep the room temperature, and it can be completely closed. No matter it is winter or summer, the swimming pool can remain comfortable temperature.

LF has high level in design, processing, installation in space frame swimming pool project. LF has built hundreds of swimming pool projects all over the world in recent years. Looking around the world, the space frame swimming pool project plays a leading role in the construction of swimming pool.
  • SEMIRARA SWIMMING POOL ROOFSEMIRARA SWIMMING POOL ROOFNovember 24, 2017PROJECT DETAILS OF SEMIRARA SWIMMING POOL ROOFThis project is coal yard space frame roof in Semirara, Philippines, the shape is barrel shell, the structure's full-width is 131.6m,clear span is 124m,full-le...view
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