Lighting roof

Lighting roof

LF Company supplies a variety of high-quality lighting roofs and has more than 20 years of engineering experience. The lighting products mainly include FRP lighting panels and glass roofing.

FRP lighting panel is a lighting material used in conjunction with steel structure. It functions like common glass, mainly used for roof lighting. It can have the same shape as wave type and pressed type steel. It belongs to glass fiber reinforced plastic. It has good characteristics of shatterproof, easy to clean and easy to install. It is generally used in various large factories.

Tempered glass is widely used, and its strength is several times higher than ordinary glass, and it is resistant to bending. Safe to use, its increased carrying capacity improves the fragile nature, even if the tempered glass breaks down, it will show small fragments without sharp angles, which greatly reduced the damage to the human body.

It can be used in various buildings such as roofs and commercial skylights.

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