Bolt Joint

Bolt Joint

Do you know bolt ball space frame? Bolt ball space frame is a very practical structure with little weld work, which can save manpower and time, and the materials are fully utilized, so it is a very important type of space frame.

The bolt ball space frame used by LF has many advantages such as simple assembly, good stress performance, flexible and removable, rigidity. This structure might be used permanently. 
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  • PUTTING BATO 1x135 MW COAL STORAGEPUTTING BATO 1x135 MW COAL STORAGENovember 24, 2017This project is space frame roofing of coal storage for Power Plant in Batangas, Philippines, the shape is barrel shell, the structure's full-width is 64.572m,clear span is 61m,full-length is 175m, height is 25.957m,construction area is 11300.1m2. The botview
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