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Product brief introduction

Laminated glass is made of high-grade float glass, various coated glass, LOW-E glass, tempered glass, heat-reinforced glass, curved tempered glass, and the like. In order to ensure the quality of laminated glass products, all PVB films used by Hongbo use imported DuPont film or Japanese water film. The color of PVB film is transparent, milky white, blue, dark gray, light green, dark brown and so on.


Product application

Widely used in bulletproof, anti-theft, window, counter, aquarium, etc., skylights. Promenade, window glass and other aspects.


Product Features

Safety: PVB adhesive has very good toughness. When the laminated glass receives external impact rupture, the PVB adhesive layer will absorb a large amount of impact energy and make it weaken rapidly, so the laminated glass is difficult to be broken, even if the glass is cracked. It can still remain intact in the frame, and still has a certain wind and rain, so the laminated glass is the real safety glass.

Sound insulation: PVB glue has a strong damping effect on sound waves, and the sound waves are obviously weakened when passing through the laminated glass, so that the noise of work or home is reduced.

UV protection: Laminated glass has a very high barrier to ultraviolet light (up to 99%), which can protect your interior valuable furniture, displays, artwork and other aspects from the UV light.

Security: Because it is not possible to use a glass cutter to effectively cut the installed laminated glass, it is a long time to break through the laminated glass with other tools. The sound is loud, so it is difficult and easy to find into the room by cutting or breaking the laminated glass, because the laminated glass is highly resistant to vandalism, theft and violence.

Bulletproof and explosion-proof: Various types of anti-bullet, anti-explosive, and explosion-proof glass can be manufactured with multi-layer laminated glass.


Hurricane and Earthquake: Due to the high toughness and strong cohesive force of the PVB film in the laminated glass, the fragments remain in place after the laminated glass is broken, and are more suitable for use in the hurricane area and the seismic zone.

Product name  Laminated tempered glass
Thickness 3mm+pvb=3mm, 4mm+pvb+4mm, 5mm+pvb+5mm, 6mm+pvb+6mm, ect.
PVB thickness 0.38mm-3.04mm
PVB color Clear, Green, Blue, Grey, Bronze, Blue green, or customized
Sizes Max: 3660mm*2440mm, Min: 300mm*300mm
Shape Flat and curve, customized
Quality Standard GB/T 11944, EN 1279, ASTM E 2190
Package Wooden case, or customized
Application Window, door, curtain wall, stair, etc.
Safety Laminated Glass is its performance under impact. The PVB interlayer absorbs the energy of the impact, resisting penetration, and although the glass may break glass fragments firmly bonded to the PVB interlayer, minimizing the risk of injuries.
Laminated Glass offers high resistance againtspenetration from objects. When broken, the PVB interlayer continues to safeguard the building until the glass is replaced.
Sound Reduction  Laminated Glass has proved to be an excellent barrier to noise, having a higher sound reduction index than monolithic glass of equal thickness.

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