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Exposed column foot nodes


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Exposed column foot nodes

Exposed column footing nodes can be designed as articulated or rigid joints. Other types of column footing can only be rigid connections.

The main structural components are the base plate, anchor bolts, (shear key), stiffening ribs, and so on.

Exposed column foot nodes

Exposed column foot construction is a simple, process, convenient construction, with no need for pre-buried steel column, economy, or applicability.


  1. The interface between the foundation and steel components is relatively simple. 2;


  1. High precision requirements for pre-embedded bolts;


  1. larger load, more difficult to meet the requirements of seismic strong column footing.


When the exposed column foot is articulated, if it is designed as four bolts in order to stabilize the installation, the column foot actually has the ability to bear the bending moment.

When the exposed column foot for the rigid connection, often is not the ideal rigid connection, taking into account the compactness of the poured concrete, the pre-tightening force of the footing bolts, the deformation of the footing plate, the foot of the column is more like a semi-rigid node.

The construction requirements and calculation methods of exposed column foot nodes need to consider the force performance of the column foot, connection method, seismic grade and other factors.

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