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Gymnasium/Swimming Pool Roof Solutions

Engineering characteristics

Gymnasium /Stadium Building

1. safety requirements are extremely high, as public buildings must choose the safest structure form, must have a certain ability to resistance natural disasters, like snow, and

2. Beautiful appearance is required. Many stadiums and gymnasiums have become local landmarks after being built.

3. large span, but the usage of the building requires fewer internal columns and a more cantilever structure; it is disadvantageous to the safety of the

4. Strong durability, long service life, minimal maintenance of the structure (maintenance cost is too high).

5. Construction period is long, and site welding is difficult, to ensure quality, it has higher safety hazards.

Swimming Pool Building

1. Good wind resistance, snow resistance, seismic performance, high stiffness, and high structural safety.

2. Large span,20 meters ~70 meters easy to realize.

3. High degree of factory production,80% of the workload is factory based which is in accordance with the characteristics of national prefab building.

4. Easy to install as long as it has the crane.

5. Short construction period,500~1000 square meters can be installed in one day.

6. All kinds of three-dimensional modeling can be implemented.

Application area

1. The basketball court space frame

2. The badminton court space frame

3. The tennis court space frame

4. Indoor football stadium space frame

5. The bullring space frame  

6. The swimming pool space frame

7. The arena space frame

8. The stadium space frame

9. The university gymnasium space frame

10. The exhibition hall space frame

11. The sports hall steel structure space frame

12.The indoor soccer building space frame


The roof of the gymnasium requires a large span and large space, as well as good wind resistance, snow resistance and seismic performance, especially high safety performance. The space structure of BJMB caters to this characteristic, therefore the space frame structure of BJMB in the gymnasium we built, accounts for more than 80% of the overall quantity.

1. BJMB space frame structure has multiple statically indeterminate characteristics, good internal force, automatic distribution, and adjustment, It’s currently the safest type of all structural systems. An excellent performance against wind, snow, and earthquake can achieve a variety of modeling,it is beautiful and generous.

2. the structure itself can achieve a long span, can use professional software for the optimization of column points, and make the safest layout.

3. It can be designed according to the safety of use in 50 or 100 years. Once built, reliable anti-corrosion can reduce the maintenance work as much as possible.

4. For the structure, only bolts should be installed on-site, so that the construction period can be shortened a lot. The installation quality can be high, and the safety risks can be reduced as far as possible.

5. Low overall cost, high cost-effectiveness, good control of total cost and total cost in the probation period.

6. In China, the BJMB structure is used for schools and public buildings. It is used for the settlement of victims after an earthquake or natural disaster. The structure will not be damaged by earthquakes and strong wind after the design safety level is reached. Sturdy and safe. For example, a large area of a membrane roof, it is recommended to use welded pipe truss structure.

process description

1. Attention points in stadium space frame design:

The important coefficient of the structure must be amplified according to the use requirements. Natural disasters may be encountered, even if there is no requirement. Also, at least to be enlarged to 1.15-1.2 (specification requirements,but also have other considerations).

(1)More possible combinations are considered in load combinations, even those with less influence;

(2)Pay attention to the lower chord hanging lamps, maintenance of the horse road, and suspended ceiling load, but also to consider the possibility of it reappearing in the future in the place of concentrated suspension load.

(3)Component calculation of strength should be more conservative and safer,to consider and to enlarge any possible hazards. It shouldn’t be discounted because of the economy or the uncertainty of safety hazard.

(4)We should have anticipation against wind,snow, earthquake and other extreme weather Ensure the safety of the natatorium space frame from the design source!

2. Production process:

Comprehensive factory quality control must be carried out on materials,processing, welding and other aspects to ensure the quality of components. After the self-inspection, the material must be processed and checked by a third party again. After the processing, the material must be subjected to destructive inspection in the laboratory to ensure that the component quality is excellent before leaving the factory.

3. Installation process:

The installation quality is related to the safety of later use. For large stadiums,we suggest skilled Chinese workers to install them. Local workers are not recommended to undertake the installation of the main part, except for the roofing and other non-important parts. After installation, we will check and eliminate the possible hidden danger to ensure safety before use.


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