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Bleacher Canopy Solutions

Engineering Characteristics

Features of stadium space frame:

1.Public buildings with extremely high safety requirements.

2. Unique shape, less support is required during use, so it is difficult to design and install.

3. Anti-seismic, anti-wind, and snow.

4. High durability requirements and frequent maintenance are required to avoid affecting the safety of use.

5. The steel structure stadium roof building is easy to install, sustainable, and pollution-free.

Application Area

1. School stadium space frame stand

2. Space frame of the stadium stands of the City Sports Center

3. Space frame structure of stadium stands

4. Space frame of football stadium bleacher roof

5. Space frame of the grandstand of the track and field stadium

6. Space frame of skating stadium stands

7. Space frame of the swimming pool stand

8. Space frame of diving hall grandstand


The stadium stand space frame is generally a cantilever structure, which is based on the commander’s stand and seats. For large stadiums, the stadium stand space frame closes the surroundings to form a magnificent stadium appearance.

1. The BJMB structure is statically indeterminate many times, the internal force will be automatically distributed and adjusted automatically, multi-dimensional force, high safety, more suitable for stadiums.

2. The shape is simple, but there are few pillars and many overhangs, which will lead to the high cost of the stadium.

3. Strong anti-earthquake, anti-wind, and snow (strengthen when the calculation is needed), and can be used as a refuge in disasters.

4. Surface anti-corrosion must be done well, otherwise, it will be difficult to maintain and increase use cost.

Process Description

1. Design process:

The space frame structure used in the gymnasium should be calculated for internal forces and displacements under external loads, and should be carried out according to the specific conditions of the internal forces and displacements under the action of earthquakes, temperature changes, support settlements and construction and installation loads. Calculation.LFBJMB space frame company provides free structural design drawings for your stadium roof project.

2. Production process:

(1) The welding of the sealing plate or the cone and the steel pipe is the key to the processing of the space frame rod. The specification requires the weld level to be level two. Although most space frame processing plants are equipped with automatic welding machines, the welding gun Angle, speed, swing position and speed all need to be controlled manually, which will affect the welding quality of space frame members. Therefore, the space frame processing plant needs a mature, tested, and effective rod welding process.

(2) Bolt ball processing belongs to finishing. The key to the quality of the bolt ball is the accuracy of the final angle of the screw hole; the key to the quality of the bolt ball, and the accuracy of the fixture is the key to the angle accuracy.

(3) The verticality of the component and the quality of the weld are the key to the processing of the support.

3. Installation process:

The construction plan must be multiple sets of spares, and multiple sets of combined use, the most dangerous factor in the installation process is structural instability. It is recommended that large stadiums be installed by LF skilled workers. Most of the on-site installations are bolted (according to the structure type and calculation results).

Bleacher Roof engineering case:

Gabon blercher roof

The grandstand canopy structure of the Gabon National Stadium project consists of a steel arch, a circumferential truss, a V-shaped column, and a bolt sphere space frame, with the steel arch foot and the V-shaped column foot falling to the ground, separated from the grandstand structure, to form an independent system of forces.

The span of the East Stand Steel Arch is 272 m, the height of the arch is 47.5 m, and the coverage area of the canopy shed is 10000m². The span of the West Stand Steel Arch is 316m, the height of the arch is 63.2 m, and the coverage area of the canopy shed is 120000m², forming East Low West High, scattered east and west grandstand canopy hoop truss composed of 24 inclined columns 12 groups of v-shaped columns support, the whole load transfer system is simple and clear, which consists of 36 hangers which are arranged on the top chord node of the space frame and the girth side of the space frame is welded with the inner girth truss of the girth truss. The steel arch adopts a triangle lattice structure section, the section width is 6m.

The thickness of the east stand steel arch gradually changed from 3m of the arch foot to 8m of the vault, and the thickness of the West Stand Steel Arch from 3m of the Arch Foot to 9m of the vault. The circumferential truss also has a triangular lattice section, the width of the east stand is 4.5 m (horizontal projection) , the height is tapered from 2.0 m to 3.0 m (vertical projection), and the width of the west stand is 5.0 m (horizontal projection) , height 3.0 m gradient to 4.0 m (vertical projection).




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