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Gas Station Solutions

Engineering characteristics

1.The quantity of a each project is small,but the requirements are relatively professional, so multiple copies can be made. At the same time, the cost is very high due to the small volume when  single design, production and installation.

2.Welding should be avoided at the site,especially in the operation of the gas station, should avoid open fire, so once built, it should continue to be use as far as possible without maintenance (to avoid sparks).

3.Install as quickly as possible and put into use soon.

4.Outdoor gas stations should be protected from lightning and wind as far as possible.

Application area frame structurefor gas station frame structurefor natural gas station

3.flat space frame structure


Gas station project is divided into new gas station project and reconstruction and expansion of gas station project. New gas tank commonly do not reach the designated position, no fire danger, so the h-beam structure can be used. It’s a kind of  structure form that is big welding workload. For the reconstruction of the gas station, short construction time, small construction site, has the certain fire danger, all bolt connection of steel structure and grid structure is more applicable, effectively avoid large amount of site welding,avoid fire danger.

1.Due to the single volume, itis small, high cost, and because the BJMB way installs quickly, it can carry on the mass design, the manufacture and the installation.

2.Site installation does not require welding,but it is safer for gas stations in operation (it should also be closed in case of emergency).

3.The installation and lifting of BJMB structure are very fast. The installation of the main structure of the general gas station only needs 2~5 days (the area and the structure form are determined) to be able to be fully hoisted into place and transferred to the roof installation.

4.Metal roof lightning protection is better,BJMB structure is designed through wind-resistant.

Process description

Design process: The structure of toll station BJMB is subjected to various loads, and the biggest damage may be the large wind load, which will produce the overall upward lift. Therefore, the z-direction stress should be paid attention to in the design. It is necessary to carry out the calculation of hoisting, to prevent hoisting danger when designing.

Production process: all components are produced in the factory, especially welding, and only need to be bolted according to the number on site.

Installation process: generally, the bolts installed for structure on ground, are is safe and reliable. After the installation is completed, the whole structure is lifted (except the plate, which must be installed in the air). The lifting point must be checked.


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