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Industrial & Logistics Plants Solutions

Engineering Characteristics

Features of industrial and logistics workshop:

1. Short construction period, put into use in a short time.

2. There are cost restrictions and the cost is as low as possible.

3. There is a certain service life, and the general service life is less than 50 years.

4. H-shaped steel components are large and difficult to transport. The cost of miniaturization of components is higher than that of H-section steel, but it has good durability and meets the needs of longer-term use.

5. Due to process requirements, the workshops with fewer columns in the middle generally cost more.

Application Area

1. Logistics warehousing space frame

2. Farmer’s market ceiling

3. Garment factory workshop

4. Seafood market ceiling

5. Space frame structure ceiling of aquatic products trading market

6. Shipyard space frame


The safety life of the space frame structure design is generally 50 to 100 years. It needs to withstand various working conditions and even natural disasters during use. Therefore, the grid structure designer must consider all possible working conditions. So the structural design is the final result is formed after dozens or even more working condition checking and iteration!

1. Generally speaking, the construction period of the H-shaped portal steel frame is relatively fast.

2. Low cost of portal steel frame (limited span), poor safety.

3. The portal steel frame has a short service life (the design life is also 50 years).

4. H-shaped portal steel frame is not easy to transport, and the miniaturized components are easy to transport.

5.For workshops without columns in the middle, the BJMB structure is cheaper and safer.

Process Description

1. Design process:

(1)Accurate input of wind load

(2)During the initial model building, good column network division will greatly reduce subsequent work

(3)In the design of bolts and ball joints, the size of bolts should be designed according to the axial force of the rod.

2. Production process:

(1)The welding of the sealing plate or the cone and the steel pipe is the key to the processing of grid rods. The specification requires the weld level to be level two. Although most grid processing plants are equipped with automatic welding machines, the angle, speed and swing direction of the welding torch And the speed still needs to be controlled manually, and they will have a great impact on the welding quality of the grid rods. Therefore, the grid processing plant needs a mature, tested and effective rod welding process.

(2)Bolt ball processing belongs to finishing. The accuracy of the final angle of the screw hole is the key to the quality of the bolt ball, and the accuracy of the fixture is the key to the angle accuracy.

(3)The verticality of the component and the quality of the weld are the key to the processing of the support.

3. Installation process:

components are manufactured in factory, bolted on site and fast. Pay attention to the hidden danger of instability during the installation process, and try to make temporary support or fixation.


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