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Aircraft Hangar/Airport Terminal Solutions

Engineering characteristics

  1. Whether the terminal or hangar is required to have a large span, and high space requirements, the general structure is difficult to meet. Even if it does, the economic efficiency is also very low.
  2. Terminal and hangar are very high-security requirements, the security of the general structure is low.
  3. The terminal requires a beautiful shape, which is not easy to achieve.
  4. Long construction period, difficult on-site welding and inspection, and difficult to eliminate safety hazards.

As an important connecting point to the outside of the city, the airport’s absolute position cannot be shaken in the city. The local government attaches great importance to the construction of the airport and prefers to adopt some new structures, shapes, and unique urban cultural elements to enhance the image of the city.

Application area

  1. Aircraft maintenance warehouse space frame
  2. Airport space frame
  3. Terminal space frame
  4. Aircraft assembly workshop


The steel structure of the airport is mainly used in the waiting hall and hangar.

Large-span airport terminal and station hub construction adopts more structure types:  space frame structure, reticulated shell structure, truss structure, arch structure, steel structure, etc.

The steel structure form of the waiting hall is generally a pipe truss, prestressed steel structure, space frame, etc. The auxiliary structure often uses membrane structure, formed steel structure, while the external wall uses various forms of the curtain wall. The roof is generally aluminum plate, aluminum magnesium manganese plate, etc. All building materials are generally very high-grade.

The hangar is mainly used for aircraft maintenance and repair, with a large span and higher functional requirements than aesthetic requirements. Generally use space frame structure, tube truss, a roof for aluminum, aluminum magnesium manganese plate.

  1. BJMB structure can be easily achieved with a large span and large space.
  2. BJMB structure has multiple statically indeterminate stress characteristics and is very safe (the highest safety performance in civil and public buildings).
  3. Various shapes can be achieved.
  4. The site should be bolted as far as possible, rarely welding on-site, short construction period, controllable hidden dangers, and good installation quality.

Process description

  1. Design process:

The security level can be controlled at the design stage. It is generally recommended that the terminal and hangar be calculated and controlled according to the highest security level, which can achieve the requirements of 50 or 100 years of useful life.

  1. Production process:

If properly calculated, 95~100% of components can be manufactured in the factory theoretically, and transported to the site for installation after strict inspection.

  1. Installation process:

Most installations are bolted, with fast installation, guaranteed quality, and fewer safety hazards. We recommend skilled workers to install the terminal, to avoid unskilled workers undertaking the main installation.

Representative terminal and aircraft hangar roof structural engineering:

The name of the project Structure form Plane shape and size Built in the year
Terminal 3, Capital Airport Space frame structure: slightly bent evacuated triangular pyramid space truss structure I – shaped plane length 2900NW maximum wing width 790m, covering a total building area of 350000m 2005

Liuting Airport Terminal in Qingdao

Solid truss and single layer space frame structure: V – shaped triangular section solid truss + two – way orthogonal single layer space shell Two fan-shaped planes 72m x 180m 2006
Xiamen Taikoo Aircraft Engineering maintenance Center Space frame structure: high and low span three layers with variable thickness (eight layers at the door beam)

77,5 m x (92.6 + 77.8) m

Terminal 2 of Shanghai Pudong Airport Open-string beam (arch) structure: three-span continuous open-string beam (arch) structure (spacing 9m) + space double-layer Y-shaped support columns (spacing 18m)

(46+89+46)m x 414m

A380 maintenance hangar of Capital Airport Three layer space frame structure: four layer space frame at the door beam


2 Terminal at Chengdu Shuangliu Airport Oblique arch and space shell combination structure: “bamboo leaf” as the basic unit 799m x 4405.5m, a total construction area of 296240m2 2011

Nanjing Lukou Airport T2 Terminal

Spatial surface space frame: a large span steel structure system with free wavy surface modeling on both internal and external surfaces of buildings With a total length of about 1200m, it is composed of a fan-shaped main building and a two-word finger corridor 2012




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