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Toll Station Solutions

Engineering Characteristics

Toll station features:

1. It is constructed in the middle of the road with a short construction period. Newly-built road toll stations are generally located outside the city and lack food and accommodation. Old road toll service stations will occupy road traffic.

2. It has a certain shape and high safety requirements, and it may be damaged by unforeseen external forces. The safety of the support position must be evaluated.

3. The enclosure structure and advertisements need special reinforcement to prevent damage to personnel and vehicles caused by the wind.

4. The toll service station canopy engineering volume is small, and it is difficult to reduce the cost.

Toll station space frame

1. Good wind resistance, snow resistance, earthquake resistance, high rigidity, and high structural safety.

2. Fast installation speed, can be put into use as soon as possible.

3. The degree of factorization is high, 80% of the workload is factored, in line with the characteristics of national prefabricated buildings.

4. Simple installation, as long as the hoist is enough.

5. Short construction period, 500~1000 square meters can be installed in one day.

6. Convenient to transfer side shape.

Application Area

1. Highway toll service station space frame structure

2. Attraction toll service station space frame structure


A toll service station is not only a place to collect car tolls at intersections but also serves as a city card. The first impression of a city is often formed at the toll station. Therefore, the design of the toll station needs to be carefully, especially the toll station at the entrance of the city needs to be done as a face project. The grid structure has small steel consumption, good integrity, simple maintenance, long service life, high degree of factorization, rich shape, and short construction period. It is very suitable for toll station projects.

The toll station can adopt a space frame structure, membrane structure, tube truss, and special-shaped steel structure. The roof material adopts a color steel plate, and the side adopts 4mm aluminum composite panel or aluminum plate to close the edge. The toll station is generally on the cornice or above the cornice. However, the original road toll station supplement or renovation project generally has the characteristics of a short construction period, a small construction site, and even half-opening to traffic during the construction period. Therefore, it is necessary to adopt a suitable structural form to realize the construction. LF has accumulated years of toll station construction experience and generally recommends that the owner adopt a space frame structure. The space frame structure has a high degree of factorization and quick on-site installation. It can be hoisted as a whole or in half.

1. Factory manufacturing, fast on-site installation. Occupy the road for a short time.

2. With the support of professional calculation software, it is easy to evaluate the safety of modeling and support, and the safety of structure.

3. The enclosure structure is as strong as possible, and the fixed amount can be increased to avoid wind damage.

4. The design is as simple as possible, easy to install, and bulk purchase.

Process Description

1. Toll service station canopy design process: Use conditions should be considered, the number of support columns should be increased as much as possible, and the safety of missing columns should be considered when possible (the disadvantage is the increase in cost), and the modeling should be as simple as possible, avoid too many types of components, increase installation workload, wind power, etc. The wind farm environment should be considered, and the wind resistance capacity should be increased as much as possible.

2. Manufacturing process: factory manufacturing of all components.

3. Installation process: According to whether there is traffic on the road, make a reasonable installation plan. The scheme is as simple as possible, and local workers can be used for installation.


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