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The form of the building is flexible. The architecture is novel, light, beautiful, and generous, space frame structure can be designed according to the requirements of the building plane into a square, round, fan-shaped, and another arbitrary plane shapes.

Any structure, shape, span & loading; aesthetic beauty; eco-friendly; optimal centralized design, all these make fantastic buildings in steel space frame structure;LF provides a perfect technical solution of a combination of strength, beauty, and constructive flexibility.

fantastic building
LF space frame structure is fully mechanical/bolt connected modular structure system. Architect’s fantastic idea can come true by this special structure;
LF space frame structure system can withstand brutal snow loads, typhoon-force winds and high earthquake because of its inherent rigidity of the triangle. The strongest typhoon Haiyan with top speed 315km/h struck east of Philippines, countless buildings collapsed. But our coal storage shed withstand it and safeguarded our customers’ property;
Spare the environment” is a call to treat gently to our Mother nature, but it is quite difficult for the industry to do than to say. LF space frame structure system is eco-friendly and gives you a choice to realize it.
1.LF space frame structure protects environment from industrial dust ;
2.LF space frame structure covers that safeguard people, livestock and vegetation from runoff, dust, noise and emissions;
3.LF space frame structure protects inventories from external environmental factors;
4.Unique structure can be built over and around unshaped working site;
5.Maximally use of natural light and translucent paneling to save energy;
6.Flexible installation that can be assembled by local labor,which is economically; 

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