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LF’s fully mechanical/bolted joint method ensure a fast, safe and easy installation in the construction site. According to the specific requirements of the customer’s steel structure space frame project, the bolted ball joint space frame and the welded ball of the welded ball joint space frame produced by LF have been completely factory-produced, and the single pieces are transported to the site for assembly.With our experienced engineer’s guidance, LF space frame structures can be installed by local no-special-skill workers and it requires no special tools, equipment or skill.

LF never let off any detail of products to provide customer perfect service. We attach great importance to the packing info. Every LF structural part gets a label with identified information. Unique identification mark, component number, manufacturing parameters and QR code ensure all necessary information is available exactly when required.

Usually, the construction site is far away from China, packing is so important to protect goods from damage during transportation. We take proper packing methods to make goods look like the way same as it’s in our plant when arriving the construction site.

When it comes to be an enormous structure with millions of components, how to organize it?
Fortunately, with decades’ accumulation, LF create our own special installation methodology. Before the first container arrives at the site, our experts provide instructions of manpower, equipment, tools and time and all what needs to be required. Local workers can be trained by our engineers for following assembly work. Welding or special tools are seldom needed to assemble a LF space frame structure.

LF space frame structure

You will find it is a magic when containers are received on site and workers open them. Inside boxes and packages are in order and sequentially numbered according to the installation sequence. Here’s almost no problems about how to process, whenever and wherever. It make process easier for the workers by operating according to the numbered boxes and packages sequentially. You will be very proud of yourself that you even can finish a structure with millions of components after the installation.

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