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Windbreak Solutions

Engineering Characteristics

Product features of windbreak dust suppression:

1.To meet environmental protection requirement, the input of the silo is too large, a form of compromise treatment, lower cost, and general environmental protection function. Although the environmental protection ability is worse than that of the silo, the effective dust suppression ability can reach more than 65-85%.

2.Solutionsfor temporary open stock yard used for a long time.

Application Area

1.Coal storage yards of power plants, coal mines, coking plants, coal washing plants and other enterprises;

2.Ports, dock coal storage yards and various stock yards;

3.Various open stock yards of steel, building materials, cement and other enterprises;

4.Coal storage yard of railway and highway coal terminal;

5.Construction site, temporary construction site of road engineering


Windbreak walls are widely used in large (medium) open-air coal storage plants and bulk cargo warehouse of coal, ore powder, sand ash, etc., and they are often dusty and polluted during storage or work in weather with wind power above level 2 In the surrounding environment, the dust suppression rate of using windbreak is about 65%-85%, which can effectively play the role of wind and dust suppression.

The punching fractures of the windbreak walls are easy to corrode. In order to avoid the fractures after the punching of the windbreak from being corroded by sulfur dioxide in the industrial atmospheric environment of the coal stockyard, the electrostatic powder of the wind and dust suppression net can be sprayed, which is full, water resistant and wear resistant. , Good oil resistance and insulation, beautiful appearance. The dust suppression rate can reach more than 80%. Various colors can be customized according to needs.

1.The windbreak must be firmly fixed to the structure, either BJMB structure or welded structure, but ensure that the wind will not blow down.

2.Flexible use and low investment cost. The occupied land can be re-planned for use after several years.

3.The material is very important. The place of use is generally in a corrosive environment, and the anti-corrosion ability of the material must be emphasized. Avoid structural collapse and damage to windbreak caused by corrosion of components.

Process Description:

The windbreak wall design and construction are mainly divided into three parts:

(1)Underground foundation: Precast concrete block or cast underground foundation on site.

(2)Supporting structure: The engineering design is based on the design parameters of wind speed. Supported by steel brackets, the brackets are mainly used to provide enough strength for the “windbreak wall” to resist damage from strong winds, and secondly consider the overall aesthetics. The main body of the support is made of steel pipe, and reinforced concrete pillars are used as the support of the “windbreak wall”.

(3)Installation of windbreak wall: The wind-proof and dust-suppression wall is formed by pressing inorganic non-metallic materials. The service life is 15-20 years. Operating environment temperature: -40℃ to +80℃, the connection is fixed by screws and pressure plates. The specific size, curvature, and opening rate of the windbreak and dust suppression board should be designed according to the actual situation of the yard.

(4)Retaining brick wall: In order to prevent the slime water from overflowing after rain and snow, a 1-3 meter retaining brick wall can be installed under the wind wall. The use effect of windbreak wall: The comprehensive dust suppression effect of windbreak wall is very obvious. The comprehensive dust suppression effect of a single-layer windbreak wall can reach 65%-85%, and the comprehensive dust-suppression effect of a windbreak wall can reach 75%-95%. It has obvious characteristics such as low investment cost and no operating expenses.

(5)The design of the structure must have sufficient security.

(6)The use of materials must be corrosion-resistant, and many windbreaks have low cost and potential safety hazards.



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