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Station Solutions

Engineering Characteristics

1. Large span and space, high height, with suspended ceiling or various suspensions, signs, air-conditioning pipelines, etc.

2. Public buildings have extremely high safety requirements, strong and durable.

3. Earthquake resistance and fire protection requirements.

4. Modern styling.

Application Area

1. Space frame of the waiting room roof of the high-speed railway station

2. Space frame in the ticket hall of the high-speed railway station

3. Space frame in the ticket hall of the bus station

4. Roof space frame of bus station waiting room

5. Space frame of railway station waiting room roof

6. Space frame of railway station ticket hall


The waiting hall and platform shed of the railway station adopt a space frame structure and section steel structure (small and medium span).

With the rapid development of high-speed rail, the tube truss structure with better visual effects (on-site welding and installation) almost monopolizes the high-speed rail waiting for the hall, platform ceiling, and waiting hall. The outer wall generally adopts various forms of curtain wall in a large area, and the roof generally adopts aluminum-magnesium-manganese plate, color steel tile, aluminum plate, membrane structure, etc.

The steel structure of the bus station is mainly used on the roof of the waiting hall. Generally, the more cost-effective space frame structure is adopted. The tube truss is relatively few. The roof adopts a color steel plate, aluminum-magnesium-manganese plate, and other materials. In general, the structural form is used More than aesthetic features.

1. The large-span adopts the BJMB structure, which is easy to realize, and the cost is low. The lower string can be suspended (must be calculated)

2. The BJMB structure is a statically indeterminate structure with multiple times, and safety is the highest among all structure types. Commonly used in the roof structure of waiting halls.

3. The characteristic of the BJMB structure is its excellent seismic resistance.

4. Various shapes can be easily realized.

Process Description

1. Design process:

Various possible working conditions must be considered. Before calculation, sort out various possible load combinations, and perform various working conditions calculations according to local conditions. The safety factor is in accordance with the highest level, and the size of the components is in accordance with the principle of larger than smaller.

2. Production process:

(1)The processing of the welding space frame rod of the sealing plate or the cone and the steel pipe is critical. The specification requires the weld level to be level two. Although the general space frame processing plants are equipped with automatic welding machines, the angle, speed and swing direction of the welding torch And the speed needs to be controlled manually, they will ultimately affect the welding quality of the space frame rods. Therefore, the space frame processing plant needs a mature, tested and effective rod welding process.

(2)Bolt ball processing belongs to finishing. The key to the quality of the bolt ball is the accuracy of the final angle of the screw hole, and the accuracy of the fixture is the key to the angle accuracy.

(3)The verticality of the component and the quality of the weld are the key to the processing of the support.

3. Installation process:

During installation, the stability of the structure must be judged at any time. Once a problem occurs in the installation sequence of a large-span structure, the components will bend during use, and there will be safety hazards. It is recommended that Chinese skilled workers carry out the installation of large spans or complex structures.

(1) During the installation of the space frame, all components need to be stably and neatly stacked and laid aside, and the top cover must be placed under the cover to prevent rainwater from corroding the components; in addition, each bundle of components must be listed and numbered to prevent the construction progress from being too messy.

(2) Frequently check the rigging and spreader of the hoisting machine to ensure that the load cannot exceed the rated standard load to avoid accidents.

(3) When hoisting, only one person can follow the operation of moving and turning over the components. There can be no more than one person on the scene. When the components are moving, there should be no people stranded in the hoisting range.

(4) When installing the roof of the high-speed railway station, ensure that the safety passages at the construction site are unblocked at all times, and set up protective sheds when necessary to strictly prevent accidents.


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