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Any structure, shape, span & loading; aesthetic beauty; eco-friendly; optimized minimum mass design.

LF provide a unique combination of strength, beauty and constructive flexibility LF spatial structure is fully mechanical/bolt

connected modular structure system. With this system, architect’s fantastic idea can come true.


LF spatial structure system can withstand brutal snow loads, typhoon-force winds and high earthquake because of its inherent rigidity of the triangle.

Spare the environment” is a call to treat soft to our Mother nature, but it is more difficult for industry to do than to say.LF spatial structure system is eco-friendl and gives you a choice to protect the nature:

 LF spatial structure protect environment from dust caused by industry

LF spatial structure covers that safeguard people, livestock and vegetation from runoff, dust, noise and emissions

LF spatial structure protect inventories from outside elements and contaminants

Unique structure can be built over and around irregular shapes and live operations

Maximum use of natural light and translucent paneling for saving energy

Cost effective applications that can be assembled by local labor, thereby bolstering community economies.

      Fantastic1                              Fantastic2

Without the coal shed, you can’t see clearly in the yard                   it is a beauty sight with coal shed