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Design advantages of bolt ball space frame


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space frame materialThe design advantages of the bolted ball space frame The appearance of the stadium that everyone usually sees is made of bolted balls. It can not only meet people’s needs for construction but also ensure the beautiful appearance of the appearance, and its material is light and relatively easy to use. It is safer and very popular in the construction industry. Next, I will talk about the advantages of the space frame made of bolt balls.
1.A reasonable combination of multiple rods and bolted balls can be realized through the bolted ball space frame, forming a certain spatial structure, and the rods can also support each other, so that the overall force-bearing capacity of the project is improved, and more can be achieved. Force load in two directions. The bolted ball space frame produced by good technology has high strength, obvious seismic effect, and can also achieve the overall effect.
2. For the design of the bolted ball space frame, you need to select good steel as the raw material. The steel should have high hardness, no cracks, and have a good compressive effect. In order to achieve a good processing effect, the accessories of the bolted ball space frame frame must meet the national standards, which can reduce the hidden dangers of construction safety and fundamentally improve the overall performance of the project. 3. The bolted ball space frame can also withstand cracks due to uneven foundation settlement, and can automatically adjust the internal force of the rods to ensure the safety and stability of the structure. This construction form has high consumer satisfaction and is very popular. The bolted ball space frame is a special space frame, which is not only beautiful and generous, but also practical. The bolt ball itself is very safe to use. Naturally, the safety of the space formed by processing can also be guaranteed. Moreover, this processing method can not only save the amount of pure space frame material, but also add better Creativity makes it more beautiful.