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Support node analysis


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Bearing node is a very important part of the space frame structure. As long as the bearing nodes are well designed, the economy of the space frame structure can be ensured to a certain extent and the quality of the space frame structure can be improved. Plate rubber fabrication has a very great role in reducing or eliminating temperature stress and mitigating the effect of seismic action. Therefore, it is necessary to make reasonable use of good plate rubber fabrication to improve the force situation of the lower supporting structure, so as to ensure better safety of the space frame structure. In order to prevent the rubber bearing plate horizontal displacement is too large, the staff must be set up a good limit device. Through the bearing base plate and the transition steel plate through the rubber mat plate, the whole structure can be connected into a whole. In addition, the bearing surface base plate can also be used to achieve the same effect.

The material of rubber is very important. Proper selection of materials is necessary for the safety of the space frame structure and economic efficiency. When choosing materials for rubber production, it is important to analyze both physical properties and mechanical properties. The specific situation is shown in the following table. According to the data show that go to a comprehensive determination of the rubber material. The applicable temperature of neoprene is ≥ -25°C, and the applicable temperature of natural rubber is ≥ -40°C. For example, the temperature in Hohhot is low, especially in winter, and can reach -16.1 to -12.7°C. Therefore, if the net frame is established in Hohhot, it is necessary to use neoprene matting.

The rubber bearing design needs to be determined in addition to the material of rubber to be selected. Through calculations, the standard value of the full load of the space frame can be obtained and the maximum bearing reaction force of the typical support around it can be calculated. It is also necessary to determine the variable length of the bearing, and the general shape of the bearing can be determined by the length of the short and long sides of the bearing. In general, the design of the bearing requires a good choice of the thickness of the rubber sheet and a good determination of the number of rubber sheets. The rubber sheet cannot be too much or too little. Too much will be the economic efficiency of the space frame, and too little is easy to resist deformation. Therefore, it must be reasonable to design a good rubber bearing.