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Node introduction of space frame structure


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space frame node

The node is the part where the rods are connected to each other or the rods and the support at the intersection of the space frames. It is one of the cost-saving components of the space frame structure and the main functional part of the flexible structure of the space frame structure, especially the bolted ball joint. The flexibility and reusability of the space frame structure and the convenience of construction have been exerted to the extreme. In order to avoid the eccentric force of the space frame members, the axis of the members must meet at a point at the node. There are many poles in the space frame nodes, generally 6-9, as many as 13. The steel consumption of the nodes accounts for about 20% of the entire space frame.

According to the different structure of the space frame structure, it can be divided into welded steel plate nodes, welded hollow spherical nodes, bolted spherical nodes, welded steel pipe nodes, hub nodes, and space plate nodes. The type of space frame nodes depends on the type of the space frame and the nature of the force. , Cross-sectional shape, manufacturing and installation conditions of the rod.

  1. The nodes of the space frame structure should be simple in structure, reasonable in force, clear in force transmission, easy to manufacture, easy to install and save materials, and try to make the bar’s center of gravity lines converge at the node to avoid eccentricity.
  2. The structure and connection of the space frame nodes should have sufficient rigidity and strength. At the same time, the node structure should be consistent with the calculation assumptions as much as possible to reduce and avoid the occurrence of secondary stresses and rods caused by the unreasonable node structure. Change of internal force of a piece.
  3. The connection nodes of the space frame structure can be divided into: welded steel plate nodes, welded hollow ball nodes, bolted ball nodes, steel tube cylindrical nodes or steel tube drum nodes according to their structural forms.