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How to do the installation and acceptance of the space frame


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Below, the space frame installation company will introduce how the space frame installation and acceptance work is done. A space frame is a spatial structure made up of multiple rods connected by nodes in a certain space frame form. It has the advantages of space stress, light weight, high rigidity, and good seismic performance; it can be used as a house for buildings such as stadiums, theaters, exhibition halls, waiting halls, stadium stands, hangars, two-way large-column grid structures, and workshops. cover. The disadvantage is that the number of rods converging on the node is large, and the production and installation are more complicated than the planar structure. The space frame fittings are firm and convenient and quick to install. What should you pay attention to when accepting the space frame?

  1. The acceptance of the space frame is carried out in two steps, which is the acceptance of the space frame while it is still being hoisted; the second step is the acceptance of the independent load of the space frame and the acceptance after lifting and unloading.
  2. Check the appearance quality of the welding seam of the space frame, and it should meet the design requirements and specifications.   
  3. The four-sided plug rod (ie the welded pipe when closed), the ultrasonic flaw detection report 24h after welding, and the repair record.
  4. Check the weld quality of the space frame support.
  5. Unloading of steel space frame hoisting equipment. Observe the deformation of the space frame. The unloading of the hoisting part of the space frame should be done slowly and synchronously to prevent local deformation of the space frame.
  6. Dismantle the various inverted chains used for closing separately to restore the natural state of the steel space frame.
  7. Check the force of each support of the space frame; check the camber or camber of the space frame.
  8. Check the overall size of the space frame.