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How to customize the space frame


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customize the space frame

Generally, this kind of products must be customized temporarily. In other words, the purchaser himself must have a certain understanding of this product so that he can purchase a truly good product. Therefore, what issues must be paid attention to when customizing the space frame processing.

First, although the other party may be more professional than us, but the other party’s suggestion cannot be followed blindly, because the other party must make it in terms of income. We should effectively stick to our original intention and not be easy to waver. Secondly, pay attention when customizing products. In addition to area, structure and price, the material composition should also be paid special attention. For example, there are hundreds of alloy steel ratios. Specifically, which one is used is very important, and the price varies greatly. Finally, when communicating, we can understand the common sense of some corresponding products.

If you have a problem that you have not considered before, you must effectively consider it based on your understanding of the problem. And also pay attention to the use of this knowledge and flexible on-site understanding. Pay attention to these aspects, you can successfully customize the results they want.