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Full preparation is required before space frame construction


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The installation of the space frame belongs to the climbing operation, and there is a certain risk. Every time in the early stage of the space frame construction project, try to carry out a rational analysis of the overall plan of the space frame construction to make the construction production process and engineering construction plan. It can prevent the construction team from being harmed to a large level, ensure the life safety of the construction team, and explain in detail the preparation work before the construction of the space frame installation construction production process for everyone: 

  1. Construction and production process of construction project Preparatory work for construction engineering construction in advance → Assemble high pipe chords and webs→ Assemble the spring, tighten the webs→ Correction→ Paint→ Completion acceptance of construction. The installation of the spherical space frame adopts the construction method of the load steel pipe frame service platform. The construction method requires a neat, level and firm place. In order to ensure all normal construction works in rainy, the site must have reliable drainage pipe preventive measures.
  2. The civil engineering enterprise uses a level to mark all the relative building elevations of the spherical space frame pre-embedded plate on the surface of the civil engineering support frame at the position opposite to the plan design engineering drawing, and present this data chart to the engineering construction supervisor and the spherical space frame. The space frame installation project engineer serves as the basis for the installation and the implementation of the support points for the completion and acceptance of the retest project. The civil engineering enterprise shall show the surface layer of the fulcrum of the spherical space frame according to the installation specifications of the spherical space frame.
  3. Before the start of construction, the staff of the agency must conduct a survey on the spot to check whether the centerline model specifications, the building elevation of the embedded parts, and the plan design deviation are in line with the design concept requirements.
  4. To ensure the three links of water and electricity roads, the road surface where the components are transported should be smooth.
  5. Before installation, grasp the engineering drawings, master the construction technology, figure out the connection point structure, grasp the construction method of the construction project, and pay attention to the installation sequence.
  6. The components shipped to the site must be stacked in accordance with the designated location.
  7. All installation utility tools and industrial equipment should be equipped in accordance with technical standards, and the installation of common cement pads and welding wires should be completed as much as possible in advance.