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How to check the quality of space frame processing


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space frame processingBelow, the space frame processing company will introduce how to detect the quality of space frame processing. The construction of the space frame is connected by nodes. It can be composed of basic units to form a variety of shapes. It is used as a connecting structure for quality after the construction is completed. The inspection is one of the important operational items for the completion of construction, so how to inspect the quality of this relatively large structure in general? 

  1. There are very direct requirements for the welding skills of the processors. Although it is difficult for us to see whether the space frame is welded well or not, whether this is welded accurately and whether the overall grid is deformed is closely related to the technology. Yes, if you want to have a high-quality grid, you must have a high-quality craftsmanship.
  2. We can also look at the entire production process of the space frame processing, different processing methods, the production angle and sequence of the entire space frame are also different, usually from the sequence we can distinguish which is more professional and which is more. If you are a layman, you can find a more reliable technical party.
  3. It is also very important to make a space frame, that is, the choice and mastery of the material. If the selection of the net frame itself does not meet the requirements, then no matter how much work is done, the quality of the finished product is not enough. Yes, this point should also be carefully considered.
  4. The processing and production process of the grid frame depends on whether it meets the requirements. The processing sequence of different processing methods is also different.
  5. In fact, the important thing is to look at the processing materials used in space frame processing. The processing materials used determine the processing quality. The quality inspection of the space frame is an important step of the operation procedure, which can make up for the deficiencies brought by the construction process, so in order to ensure the overall building safety factor after the completion of the construction, it must be carefully and strictly inspected.