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Precautions for space frame construction during rainy season


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Precautions for space frame construction

In the special weather such as the rainy season, the construction of space frame must take into account that various unknown factors are different from the influence of factors under normal conditions. Therefore, in the construction of the space frame, it is necessary to pay attention to the influence of various factors, and Combine the actual situation, make the correct treatment method.

  1. If slabs are placed around to prevent the earthwork from being washed into the excavated foundation trough (pit) or pipe trench by rainwater, and artificial precipitation (drainage) is stopped, the anti-floating stability of the box foundation and groundwater to the foundation buoyancy, or bury some of the completed infrastructure. After the foundation construction is completed, backfilling around the foundation pit should be carried out quickly.For the earthwork piled up on the construction site, measures should be taken to prevent rain erosion. The anti-floating stability coefficient should not be less than 1.2. Stop construction when the impact of rain is greater. The excavation is mainly to slow down the side break and supplemented with support.
  2. It should be completed section by section and piece by piece. When the rainfall is heavy, large-area earthwork construction should be stopped; after the foundation is dug to the elevation, the working surface of the construction grid plant should not be too large during the rainy period, and the concrete layer should be timely checked and accepted.
  3. To prevent the slope from being washed down by rain, steel mesh can be nailed on the slope and 50cm fine-stone concrete is smeared; plastic cloth can also be used to cover the slope.
  4. To prevent the foundation pit from being soaked, the excavation Drainage ditches and water collection wells should be made in the pit and necessary drainage forces should be organized; the ponds and basements located underneath should be considered during construction.
  5. If necessary, slow down the slope or set up support. The inspection and control of the slope and support should be strengthened during the construction of the space frame engineering; when excavating the foundation trench (pit) or pipe trench during the rainy season, attention should be paid to the slope stability. Supports should be provided for the excavated foundation trench (pit) or pipe trench. If you don’t think well in advance, after pouring and pounding, when there is heavy rain, it will often cause the basement and pool to float up.
  6. If the foundation is soaked by rainwater, necessary excavation and backfilling should be done to restore the foundation’s bearing capacity; important or special projects should be completed before the rainy period. The earthwork backfilled before rain should be rolled in time and make the surface form a certain slope so that rainwater can be discharged automatically. To sum up, the construction of the space frame must pay attention to the influence of the unique influencing factors during the rainy period, so as to solve the unique problems in the rainy season, so as to produce the actual space frame project and strengthen the safety of the space frame project And stability.