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Precautions for spray painting of space frame processing


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Precautions for spray painting of space frame processing

The space frame processing manufacturers tell us that most of the space frames are made of steel. Although the space frames have many advantages, the problem of corrosion and rust of steel can not be completely solved. Therefore, the construction of space frames usually must be painted. Not only for better appearance, but also for better rust and fire prevention. Nowadays, the number of space frame engineering buildings is gradually increasing, and painting is a particularly important procedure. The editor of the space frame processing company will explain to you what you must pay attention to when painting the space frame.

  1. First, the surface of the space frame steel structure should be ground to remove the rust on the surface, and the first coat of paint should be finished 4 hours after grinding.
  2. Welding parts of steel structure space frame shall not be painted within 72 hours after welding. 3. Do a good job of spraying anticorrosive paint in the late stage of painting of grid engineering construction. Paint spraying is a particularly important process for space frame engineering. It is the key to preventing corrosion and rusting of space frame engineering buildings. It is also the key to better ensuring that space frame engineering buildings can withstand high temperatures.